Sunday, January 17, 2016

№ 1350 WAYWARD WINTER 2016

Click the picture to get a closer view.
From January 18th until January 31st Wayward Winter will be open.
The event is set on a themed sim where you can go to the tallest hill for skiing, do some
ice skating and take a sled ride.
If and when it is possible I will add some pictures I made from the sim on a later time.
{what next} Snowy Alpine Cabin @ Wayward Winter
Serenity Style  Towel Cart @ Wayward Winter  * GACHA RARE*
Serenity Style Winter Hanger @ Wayward Winter  * GACHA RARE*
Mirror,  Pitcher , Towl with Soap Serenity Style @ Wayward Winter *GACHA*
[atooly.home] Black Star with  Wrapped Lights @ Wayward Winter
 Mousie Buddie ! Lost Junction ! @ Wayward Winter
Wayward Winter << landmark

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