Saturday, December 12, 2015


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Just in case you just woke up or you just came out of your cave ... second life's season is changing
Ho ho ho the season of bliss and joy is making the pixel world in to a Winter wonderland.
Because of that several  shopping events to go to, all with Holiday themed items on display.
One of them is Wayward Market organized by Wayward Events.
On a beautiful sim so well decorated by Jenica Penucca there is a picturesque little market.
Not only with well known designers and brands to see but also with new talented upcoming designers and creators.
This creat house with snow on top of the roof made by Paco Pooley from 22769 ~ [bauwerk] is for sale there.
The house is called Little Winter Cottage and comes with and without snow on the roof.
More to come about this event in later messages.
Wayward Market Shopping List
Wayward Market Location
Wayward FaceBook
Wayward Flickr
Wayward Blogsite
The fir trees are made by Cari McKeenan creator of Little Branch and are on display at Christmas on 34th Street
The Christmas tree inside the house in front of the window is from there as well.
The creat thing about this event is the fact that until you unpack the purchased items they
are transferable so the perfect place to shop for presents.
Ho ho ho enjoy your weekend and have fun while you shop until you drop

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