Thursday, December 10, 2015


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Weeks ago I started my inventory cleaning mission and it  seems, to turn out in an impossible one.
Starting point then was 54.124 and 144 in the received section.
Update as we speak 54.869 and 159 in the received section.
Sighs ..... and this is so not my fault ....
I deleted tons of stuff .. truely I did ... I inkie pinkie promise I did so ...
Do I surrender to the cluther ?
Do I bury my pixel  head under my prims and mesh in total defeat ?
No... NO NO I dust myself off and  I will get back on my cleaning feet.....
someday ..... close in the future ... maybe a  2016 New Year resolution....
Hello I am inkie and I am a second life shopaholic.
Stay on top of your mesh mess and have fun while you shop until you drop.
Body Maitreya Lara
Skin Glam Affair  @ COLLABOR88 December Emma Asia Clean
Fabulous skin line for the classic avatar no mesh head needed.
Hair rezology Ox Horns
Top & Skirt Stellicious Davina Set
Coat ** DIRAM ** Jelena Shoulder Coat Grenat
Boots @ COLLABOR88 December  Jessica Boots
Glasses Izzie's  Gentleman's Glasses Black
Doves { anc } @ The Arcade No Limits Flying Doves Egg Yellow
Yardsales are so conveniant to get your hands on the items you want.
Atelier Visconti Fountain Octagonal Snowy
Apt B // Goodbye Autumn Cart @ Shiny Shabby *GACHA*

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