Wednesday, November 25, 2015


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Today a mix and match post with items gathered from different shopping events.
A rather new monthly shopping event is Lost & Found.
I just love the look and feel of this event.
It looks like a vintage antique market for clothing, furniture and more.
This 3th round will be open until December 1st.
For hints and directions visit the shopping gallery.
Another "new"event for me is the Creators Collection Box
This round will be open until December 12th
The Fantasy Collective is celebrating their second birthday.
To celebrate the birtday of the Collective bargain sales and free gifts.
Open until December 15th.
Shiny Shabby monthly vintage shopping event.
Open until December 10th.
For more shopping, hunt and yardsale  knowledge visit the Seraphim blogsite
Have fun while you shop until your drop.
Building Apple Fall Old Manufactory *NEW*
Couch Dad DESIGN @ Lost & Found Recycled Vintage Tub Sofa
How well made  is this couch by sheerpetal Roussel, out of an old bathtub.
The Recycled Ladder Bookshelf is made by Sheerpetal as well and is available at The Fantasy Collective
Lamps Apt B @ Shiny Shabby  Goodbye Autumn Light 2 *GACHA*
Apt B  Goodbye Autumn Ladder @ Shiny Shabby  *GACHA*
.:revival:. Deco Signs Metal @ Shiny Shabby
Tropical Plant -Glam Affair- @ Lost & Found *GACHA*

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