Saturday, September 19, 2015


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New season so no better excuse to remodel and redecorate my place.
Spicing it up with the Autumn colors and falling leaves.
You are welcome to visit anytime you like
If and when you need rezrights to drop pose props or pose balls drop me a message and I see what I can do for you.
Shopping place for some Fall furniture is Très Chic where you can buy this bed from Kalopsia
The Cheecy Pea bench you can purchage at K U S T U M 9
Enjoy pompkin up your place and have fun while you shop until you drop.
Tray with Candles unKindness  @ Très Chic 
Log With Pillows GOOSE @ Très Chic 
Scarecrow { what next } *VIP GIFT*
Doll Serenity StyleTrès Chic   Babe Autumn
Tree on right Little Branch @ Cosmopolitan Event Apple Tree Dark Autumn
Fairy Lights Construct @  Cosmopolitan Event
Corn Stark Bundle Construct

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