Sunday, July 19, 2015


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For all the gacha lovers and haters there is a new gacha event open called The Epiphany.
What is new about it ?
Players will be able to exchange their duplicates or unwanted items for credits to redeem exclusive items that will never again be sold
Common prizes will be redeemed for on (1) point
Rare prizes will be redeemed for three (3) points.
This means that you can trade all your doubles and colors you don't like for points.
With the points / credits you can buy the exclusive item every designer made.
You can buy the  item in copy / no transfer  for yourself for 25 points but you can buy the item in a transfer / no copy for 200 points.
The points are not bound to one designer or brand so obtaind points can be used together.
You need to unpack the goodied by placing your box on the floor
Then you get a drop down menu where you given the choise  redeem! or keep!
Keep in mind that you have 30 seconds to make up your mind , when you say redeem the box goos poof and when you say keep you can open your box.
You can keep 100 points for next round so spent your credits wisely.
You get you points by dropping your stuff on the floor , downside of this is that when you have to unpack you need to leave the event and it takes a loooooooooooong time to get back in again.
Maybe an idea to place the exclusive goodies on a different separate sim so you can collect your prize faster.
Being patient when it comes to second life shopping is not my thing..... I need therapy.
Happy saving and have fun while you gacha shop until you drop.
Chairs Di'Cor  @ Cosmopolitan Event  [Rustic] and [Pure]
Beer Kalopsia  @ The Epiphany *GACHA*
  Jewelry Box [ zerkalo ] @ The Epiphany  *GACHA EXCLUSIVE*
Plant Apple Fall Banana Tree
Painting  floorplan. Rose de Provence

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