Friday, July 10, 2015


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 "If you do what you love, it is the best way to relax."
                                                                                                                     Christian Louboutin      
When it comes to doing my real life job I am a "list person "
Me, my notebook and agenda are the best of friends and trough the busy days I preoritize all the time.
Without my lists I am lost ........
When it comes to by bloggers "job" in second life I am a fanatic list maker as well.
I use beeps and alarmtones on my mobiel to remember when I got to do what.
The past view days my Phone is driving me crazy beeping all the time ....
There are so many events happening right now that I have signed up for. 
The yellow post-it stickers on my desk top are a constant reminder that I am not ready ......
Do I sound stressful ? Probebly ....
Am I kind of a controle freak ? No doubt about it....
Do I need some kind of counseling ?  Maybe sometime ...
Do I have fun ? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Blogging is my temporary escape to sanity and yes I "list" myself silly but I love every minute of it.
Relax and have fun while you shop until you drop.
Trompe Loeil   Nerissa Seashell Bed  @ COLLABOR88 July
Basket on Bed Lark @ COLLABOR88 July   Cambria Basket (B)
 Life Buoy on Bed  Dutchie
Birds !Ohmai @ Summerfest '15  Gulls
Summerfest 2015 is open until July 12th so you got to hurry.
[Consignment.]   Mermaid Signage - Blue @ COLLABOR88 July
PILOT  Treasure Chest @ COLLABOR88 July
8f8  Driftwood TOWEL Stand
[ zerkalo ] Fisheman's Barrels
Basket of Crabs ❉:‧Eclyps 3D
Studio Skye Driftwood

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