Friday, June 26, 2015


In real life when it comes to camping I am not a huge fan of going outdoors with a tent.
Let me rephrase that I hate camping.
In movies and on pictures it looks really nice and coosy sitting outside the tent with a nice campfire.
For real I hate the bugs and little insects surrounding me.
 Going to the toilet  far , far away with the toilet role pressed agains my body trying to look als "cool" as possible.
Taking a shower paying with coins and just when I shampooed my hair the warm water run out.
And not to forget , sleeping  on an inflatable matres that runs out of air during the night leaves me with a terrible back pain in the morning.
Said all that , that is real life and these camping pictures are second life.
If I had this tent and this bed in real life on a camping trip my back would not hurt for sure.
Trompe Loeil tent , chairs and bed available at ~uber~
Enjoy your trip where ever you go and have fun while you shop until you drop.
Table Ravenghost @ Shiny Shabby  Bistro Table (Chipped Paint)
Tray of Champagne Ravenghost @ Shiny Shabby
 Tropics Steelpan & Tropics Conga BALACLAVA!! @ Summerfest 2015 
Straw Hat Baiastice @ Summerfest 2015  _Delilah Mare Big Hat-Natural

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