Tuesday, May 26, 2015

№ 1135 SPICE @ ~UBER~

This months theme at ~uber~ is spice.
And I just love the color pallet this round.
There is a lot  to see on this picture so I start giving you the credits.
Aparment Apple Fall  Paris Loft Skybox *GACHA RARE*
Hanging Louncher junk.  @ ~uber~ Gila Hanging Louncher
Couch  [ARIA] @ ~uber~  Deva Two Sitter Sofa
Bookshelf Vagabond @ ~uber~ 
Lights on a String Sway's
Lights on Bookshelfs Zaara [home] *GACHA*
 Deva Hanging Tapestry [ARIA] @ ~uber~ 
Pillows on the Floor junk.  @ ~uber~ 
 Deva Canvas Rug  [ARIA] @ ~uber~
Side Tabel Cheeky Pea @ ~uber~   Lotus Spa Occasional Table
 Deva Lotus Candle Holder [ARIA] @ ~uber~
Chair MudHoney Madagascar Chair
Drum [ kunst ] & Jocko Domo @ ~uber~  - Taiko II
Plant Apple Fall L'Orivier
Magazines  MudHoney 
Book Under Chair Apple Fall 
 Lotus Spa Ottoman Pink Cheeky Pea @ ~uber~
 Lotus Spa Bath Caddy Cheeky Pea @ ~uber~
Vase with Red Flowers  MudHoney  Priya Carnations
Bowl Grapes KAZZA - Fantasy - Bowl Grapes - Green
  Lilies Yellow The Loft
Sitar on Couch [ kunst ] & Jocko Domo @ ~uber~ 
 I picked a song for you that popped up in my head as soon as I heard this months theme.
Wannabe Lyrics  ʘ͜͡ʘ    By Spice Girls 
I tell you what I want .. I want to go to ~uber~ and spice up my second life.
Have fun while you shop until you drop.

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