Saturday, May 16, 2015


 Did you do you furniture shopping already ?
Are you looking for a modern and  industrial look and feel ?
Place to be for you until May 27th is :
Enjoy mixing and matching your furniture and have fun while you shop until you drop.
Couch [we're CLOSED] Wooden Sofa Multi
Skybox  Pixel Mode The Heights Studio Apartment
Table NOMAD @  6º Rebublic Industrial Coffee Table *GACHA*
Cabinet behind Couch ~BAZAR~6º Rebublic Stockholm-Bedroom Cabinet
Strong Arm on Cainet Apple Fall6º Rebublic   'Strength' Fragment
Plants on Cabinet Roawenwood  Meditation Garden Snake Plant
 Wall Tapestry / Tea&Coffee floorplan.
Wall Lamps  ~BAZAR~6º Rebublic Stockholm-Bedroom
Curtain BALACLAVA!! @ 6º Rebublic  Camden Room Divider H (Linen)
Biggest Urn Vase Kalopsia Big Ass Fancy Vase
2 Other Vases 8f8  Primavera in Toscana *GACHA*
BALACLAVA!! Dispray Cabinet (dark)
Frames [ keke ] Glitter Frames
Green Tea Set HeadHunter's Island
Clock Vagabond @  The Liason Collaborative  Rusty Ole Clock
Pillow Basket HIDEKI *GACHA*
Chair +CONVAIR+  @ The Liason Collaborative  Mackintosh Chair 1 Black
=Eli Baily= @ 6º Rebublic  Bletchley Typewriter Black
Apple Fall 'Lucky Numbers' Cigarettes & Tray @ 6º Rebublic 
 [ARIA] Thea Stone Bowl With Apples
Stools Pixel Mode @ The Liason Collaborative  Alston Bar Stool - Light Wood
(Resized by me)
Plant on Floor ~BAZAR~ Traveler Plant
Apple Fall Retro Radio

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