Sunday, May 10, 2015


Cory Edo of Tromple Loeil made for the May round of COLLABOR88  a cute little Garden cottage.
The cottage comes with and without  a rock garden on the outside.
She also made a chair and table with, like always great textures.
Enjoy your day and have fun while you shop until you drop.
House Tromple Loeil @ COLLABOR88 May Garden Bard Abode
Chair Tromple Loeil @ COLLABOR88 May Garden Bard Chair
Table Tromple Loeil @ COLLABOR88 May Garden Bard Table
 Emmerich Potted Blooming Strawberries [ARIA] @ 6º Rebublic 
 Incense Stand Feather {anc} @ COLLABOR88 May
Basket with Posters David Heather @ 6º Rebublic 
Bike ~BAZAR~  @  6º Rebublic Stockholm Bedroom 
Shoes ~BAZAR~  @  6º Rebublic Stockholm Bedroom
Headphone ~BAZAR~  @  6º Rebublic Stockholm Bedroom
 Teardrop Chair - waves floorplan.  @ COLLABOR88 May
Lamp DRD6º Rebublic  Industrial Hanging Lights
 Banana Tree Apple Fall
Bath Tub with Bottles 3D Republic
Wooden Planter 22769 ~ [bauwerk]
Wall Board floorplan Rose de Provence
Old Mower Seven Emporium
Shovel & Rake {vespertine}
Bucket with Roses Atelier Visconti
Crate with Pots  Seven Emporium
Plant Box Cheeky Pea
 Miniature Zen Garden Alouette

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