Saturday, May 09, 2015


Nothing to say still not feeling fit.
Enjoy your weekend and have fun while you shop until you drop.
Toilet VivaPoses Hangover Toilet
Sorry not available anymore
Bottle Candles ~BAZAR~  @  6º Rebublic Stockholm Bedroom
Bowl with Flowers on Table *Naminoke*
Table *ionic*  @ The Chapter Four  Cafeteria Glass Table *GACHA*
Chair :HAIKEI: @ The Chapter Four  *GACHA*
Pills on Chair Second Spaces - Sick day pills, cough syrup
Tissues Second Spaces Sick day tissues, thermometer, cough drops
Scale & Orange Jus MadPea Healthy Body *GACHA*
Sink [ keke ] @ 6º Rebublic  Sink Bright
Mirror  [ keke ] @ 6º Rebublic  Wall Mirror Bright
Cleaning Bucket Second Spaces Bathroom Clutter *GACHA*
Basket under the Sink Soy. Basket With Towels [light brown]
Basket on the Sink The Loft  My Love, My Beard Towel Basket
Bottles in Rack on Wall Second Spaces  *GACHA*
Clothing Rack ~BAZAR~  @  6º Rebublic Stockholm Bedroom
Cabinet under Cloting Rack ~BAZAR~  @  6º Rebublic Stockholm Bedroom
 Walking Sticks junk.
Building Trompe Loeil  Shipping Crate Studio Silver

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