Wednesday, May 06, 2015


Once in a while I have some kind of writers block on my blogging.
When I have a personal bloggers block I use challenges , see  the 7 blog challenges on the right side of this blog under the page views.
If you know more fun challenges let me know so I can add them as well.
Going  trough my Pinterest folders or reading other blogs  and Flickr pictures get me inspired as well.
This week my biggest ispiration is the 6º Rebublic
A new decor and landscaping event showcasing a broad selection of designers in one place with the creativity, passion and uniqueness to provide us with exclusive 100% original mesh creations inspired in the theme selected for each round.

For each round and theme we will draw inspiration from different corners of locations around the world; a way to travel and convey to people through decoration. This round the theme is Industrial for me a bit out of my comfort zone but more fun because of that.
 The Chapter Four  and We ❤ Role-Play! celebrating their 2 year anniversary with nice gifts and bargain prices because of that.
So there is a lot of shopping ground to cover, have fun while you shop until you drop.
Tables and Stools  NOTsoBAD   @  6º Rebublic   Bogdan
Console Wall Side NOTsoBAD @   6º Rebublic Bogdan
Chair by Table NOMAD  @  6º Rebublic *GACHA*
Black and White Art ~BAZAR~  @  6º Rebublic Stockholm Bedroom
Headphone ~BAZAR~  @  6º Rebublic Stockholm Bedroom
Music Tapes ~BAZAR~   6º Rebublic Stockholm Bedroom
Chair on the Right Side ~BAZAR~ @  6º Rebublic Stockholm Bedroom
Roles of Paper on the Console David Heather @  6º Rebublic
Blue Globe [ keke ]
Springbok Skull Apple Fall
AshTray [NikotiN]
Lamp on Wall ~BAZAR~   6º Rebublic Stockholm Bedroom
Round Landmaps NOMAD @ We ❤ Role-Play! *GIFT*
Wall Planetarium NOMAD @ We ❤ Role-Play!
Typewriter Right =Eli Baily= @ 6º Rebublic
Typewriter Left ~BAZAR~  @  6º Rebublic Stockholm Bedroom
Callenderclock  ~BAZAR~  @  6º Rebublic Stockholm Bedroom
Pizza *ionic*  @ The Chapter Four  *GACHA*
Taperecorder HIDEKI  @ The Chapter Four *GACHA*
Basket with Magazines David Heather @  6º Rebublic
Radio Apple Fall *GACHA*
Plant Roawenwood
Thermos Second Spaces @ The Home Show 2015 - Cooper Desk - coffee
Cup with Books *ionic*  @ The Chapter Four *GACHA*
Paper Bag 6º Rebublic
Sneakers ~BAZAR~  @  6º Rebublic Stockholm Bedroom
Magazines [ zerkalo ] @ The Home Show 2015  Magazines
Chello NOMAD  @  6º Rebublic *GACHA*
Curtains  BALACLAVA!! @ 6º Rebublic
Pillows on Stool  ☆ Serenity Style  ::: @ The Chapter Four *GIFT*
Love Bag on Chair *_M.birdie Story_* basic eco bag7 @ The Chapter Four
Phone  on Chair David Heather @  6º Rebublic

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