Sunday, May 03, 2015


Sunday May 3th
Mesh took Second Life by strom and  there is no turing back.
I started with the hands and feet from Slink and shoe designers followed this flow by  making shoes compatable for the Slink feet so far so good. The mesh asses and the mesh boobs passed me by, main reason is the fact I got ass and boobs issuesses in real life and I don't want them in my second life.
Next mesh stop is the mesh body and I am still confused here. There are so many  brands with so many options in style and user advantages.
Because I blog skins as well it is very frustrated that for one body the skin designer makes appliers and for the other body not. My shoes who fit the Slink body and feet don't fit anymore when I use the Maitreya or Belleza body. The past week I used one mesh body and worked with it 24/7. I starded  with the Lara body from Maitreya and I will give the Slink and the Belleza body a try in weeks to come.
The Maitreya body comes with 10  Glam Affair skintones very conveniant because I got a lot of Glam Affair skins already. Inka Mexicola from ESSENCES made appliers for this body as well and I had them in my inventory so I did not have to go shopping to test the Maitreya body  this week.
Working with the alpha layers is not a lot of work there are even  designers who make dresses for several mesh body's like the dress on this picture from !Rebel Hope, there is a Belleza , Maitraya , Slink , fitted and standard sizes inside the same package. Trough the week I had the body HUD on my screen so I could easely  make adjustments if needed for a picture.
When I tested other body's I will rate the Maitreya body here.
Next stop on the railroad called mesh are the mesh heads.
Like the body's , there is a  is a lot going on as well when it comes to mesh heads.
This weekend I used one of the [LeLutka] heads called Leda.
The Lelutka heads are primarily made for  Maitreya Lara body. They also do work with  Slink Physique Body if they work with other mesh body's is for you to find out.
 The heads will NOT work with the SL default avatar. The heads are rigged mesh, so you won't be able to move them for a different fit.
No face expressions except open and closed eyes and mouth.
Advanced lighting model must be active to use some features of the LeLutka head hud like the eye lashes ( found that out after I took these pictures so no lashes to show now)
The HUD comes with 10 Glam Affair skin tones and there are appliers for all the different heads available as well. If you like to change your lip colors there are appliers for that as well in the Glam Affair mainsstore. There are more and more skin designers making skins for the Lelutka head but that will take time. For skin designers it must be a lot of extra work with all the body's, heads and appliersa and a customer base that is needy and sometimes demanding.
Shopping tip for times to come : look out carefully if the shoes you buy have more brand options and same goos for buying cloting.
Good luck in finding your perfect mesh match.
Have fun while you shop until you drop.
Body Maitreya Lara
Head [LeLutka] Leda
Skin Glam Affair Leda Skin Applier Jamaica 07
Hair Wasabi Pills @ FaMESHed *FaMESHed GROUP GIFT* 
Dress !Rebel Hope @ FaMESHed  So Beachy Mesh Dress Blue
Glasses  Glam Affair Romantic Girl Glasses
Cottage Dutchie  Beach Cottage 1: Light Blue

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