Saturday, May 02, 2015


Saturday May 2nd
Today a post in the PixelStyles Quote category although this is more a saying then a quote.
"Age is just a number"
My first question is : Is it ? or is this saying made up by older people so they could have  peace with the fact that they clock is ticking ?
When you look at it this on a linguistic point of view age is not a number it is just a word.
So why the fascination in fashion , movies and advertisement with the need to stay young for ever ?
We all want to live long but we don't want to get old.
When age is just a number and when weight is only  a number I've decided that numbers really starting to p#ss me off.
There is an  age tool going viral called The funny thing is the tool works on avi's as well so it is going sl viral as well. Fare warning to read the fine prints: if you let Microsoft’s viral tool guess your age, you also let Microsoft use your photo for its "Internet businesses."
I am happy with the age gues of my avi.
Enjoy your numbers and have fun while you shop until you drop.
Body Maitreya Lara
Feet & Hands Slink
Skin Skin ESSENCES  Imogen Medium01 *NEW*
Hair analog dog Mint
Dress **BAIASTICE** ~@ ~uber~ Damie Zip Dress Cian
Shoes *YS&YS* Brera Psychedelic
Necklace Zibska Sorrel
Pose Ma Vie.  Sun
Decoration & Scenery
Credits on my post Aternoon Tea

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