Wednesday April 15
If and when you are a second life resident for some years  you probberly heard of the ZombiePopcorn Hunt.
The good news is the hunt is back renamed the Wayward Hunt.
April 17th – 1PM SLT Official Start Time
May 1st – End Day of Hunt
You are searching for a vintage brown parcel with the Wayward Hunt tag in over 100 stores all over the grid! ( the parcel looks  different then the parcel on the picture. )  Get ready to head to tons of stores you know and love as well as some new favorites.
Bench Kalopsia   Wayward Hunt
Hunt Hint : Don't sink like a ship container!
Mobile Fancy Decor Wayward Hunt
Hunt Hint : Follow the stars.
Wall Fountain [ free bird ] Wayward Hunt 
Hunt Hint : Every home needs budgie friends.
Wallhanging + Lights  Toro Wayward Hunt
Hunt Hint : Underneath the stripes. 
Almost all the items are hunt items.
Click on picture to get a better view.
Happy Hunting


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