Sunday, April 12, 2015


Sunday April 12
Lately I am running  from fashion to Home&Garden posts.
Creators and designers of second life are releasing so fast for Spring my pixel head is spinning
In the proces of making pictures sl is a total douche bag making me crash 24/7 and textures rezzing not as sharp as I want them to be.
Ravenghost creator of the Ravenghost brand made this Medieval beer tray available at We ♥ Role-Play! with the wooden chair and table a perfect combination.
The couch and the bean bag are made by Danielestro a.k.a. Daniel Estro from [ zerkalo ].The couch is also available at  We ♥ Role-Play! and the bean bag is for sale @ the Cosmopolitan Event.
Enjoy mixing the furniture and have fun while you shop until you drop.
Picture of Crane Apple Fall
Forest Print floorplan
 Turntable Boombox  Seven Emporium
Shoes & Totebag & Haning Lamps above table Apple Fall
Pink Tulips [ARIA]  Georgia Tulip bouquet 
Strawberrys on Chair 8f8 @ The Seasons Story
 Stringlights [ keke ]
Rug  [ kunst ] @ Shiny Shabby  *GACHA*
Magazine //SEUL\\ @ Xiasumi School Festival *GACHA*
 Kosmic Kitty Bubble Tea on Table //SEUL\\ @ Xiasumi School Festival *GACHA*

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