Sunday, April 05, 2015


Sunday April 5th
Before the digital photo era and before 50 Shades of Grey a darkroom was  just a room to process and develop photo's.
At the Xiasumi School Festival there is a entire floor dedicated to photography students and if you have a little patiance and if you can wait a little longer before going there you have the change to see how great the entire sim looks, without lag holding you back.
The sim is open Until the 21st of April.
Izzie Button made this fabulous skin called Romy and made this Romy porcelain tone Izzie's groupgift. Picking up the gift gives you the change to see Izzie's place in Springtime as well.
The jacket is from *COCO* available at FaMESHed and the shirt from *COCO* as well but available at The Chapter Four April round. The nice thing is that the shirt and jacket can be worn together without the shirt sticking out of the jacket.
The luscious hair called Jessie is from Wasabi Pills and can be bought at FaMESFed as well. 
Enjoy your time in darkrooms and have fun while you shop until you drop.

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