Saturday, March 28, 2015


Saturday March 28
One of my favorite  hide out in second life is *Frisland*
Profile tekst : Frisland is a phantom island that appeared on virtually all of the maps of the North Atlantic from the 1560s through the 1660s. This is our try to let our imagination run wild and create a region related to this mysterious phantom Island.
The place is changing with the 4 seasons that makes the place for me, a second life fashion blogger, extra attractive to have a photo shoot location to match sl fashion at that time of year.
The place is build and created by Charlie Namiboo , Annabell Barzane and Frislanda Ferraris and a true example how sl landscaping and sharing your dream should look like.
There is a *Frisland* Flickr page where you can upload pictures you took here and if you need rez rights for pose balls or props get a *Frisland*  group tag for only L$150 entrence fee.
On my Picture Perfect Places scale I rate this place ✭✭✭✭✭+
If and when you are visiting *Frisland*  and you like the place as much as I do and if you are in a good place money wise  be generous and donate to keep this place open.
Lets make sure that places like this stay open so we keep our hideouts to escape reality.
Enjoy your journey where ever you go.

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