Sunday, March 22, 2015


The Arcade tea madness on one table.
Getting hungry just looking at it.
8 days left to  try your luck and slap the Gacha machines and when luck is not your best friend visit the Seraphim blogsite that made an Yard Sale  List of all Gacha yardsales current and past.
2 things on this picture are not gacha related the board on the wall that is from Kalopsia and the sandwich stand is from [ARIA] available at the Shinny Shabby event.
It is tea  time at the erratic and {anc} machines.
If you want to take pictures having high tea ,  this table will be at display until the end of The Arcade at ***  Beautiful  4  Seasons  ***
When you need rez rights for pose balls or props give me an IM so I can add you, free of charge to the land group.
Good  gacha luck and have fun while you shop until you drop.

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