Sunday, March 22, 2015


Sunday March 22nd
Still trying to find my niche when it comes to blogging.
Do I want to be one of the 66% second life fashion bloggers ?
Do  I want to be one of the 9% Home & Garden bloggers ?
What if I like writing about both ?
What does that fact do to my inventory numbers ?
Questions , questions and more questions...
Good luck in making the right choices
 Have fun while you shop until you drop.
Bench with Pillows .:revival:.  @ Shiny Shabby Boho Bench
Tray with Lights .:revival:.  @ Shiny Shabby Boho Tray Brown
Pouf Pixel Mode @ Shiny Shabby Boho Pouf Floral Pink
Flowers on Tray [ keke ] @ Shiny Shabby  Peons Blush
Tulips on Pouf [ARIA] @ Shiny Shabby Georgia Tulip Bouquet
Table Apple FallShiny Shabby Clawfoot Height Adjustible Table
Bag on Bench Apple FallShiny Shabby Handbag & Scarf
Newspaper on Floor Apple FallShiny Shabby Crumpled Newspaper
Bag on Floor Apple FallShiny Shabby Canvas Tote
Bottle & Cups on Table Apple FallShiny Shabby Elderflower Cordial
Chair with Blanket Apt B // @ Shiny Shabby  Benedict Chair
Hanging Candles Pixel Mode @ Shiny Shabby Boho Lights Pink
Rug  junk.  @  Shiny Shabby Zebra Rug
Curtain junk. @ ~uber~ March Boho Curtain
Open until March 23 so hurry !!
String Lights tarte. @ N21 Ceiling String Lights
Letters on Floor -treh blah- @ The Arcade March Snail Mail *GACHA*
Plant on Table Artisan Fantacy @ We ❤ Role-Play!  Potted Paperwhites
House Apple Fall Portobello Corner Store
Dog Just Animals Puppy Lab Crouching 

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