Wednesday, March 18, 2015


After working in my real life garden, making it ready for Summer I rested my pixel me in a wheelbarrow in my little garden online.
Second Life and my graphic gard are not  a good match right now and I got the feeling the card is slowly dying on me.
When I go to high or ultra settings I crash .. when I put my shadows on .. I crash ... when I take a picture I freeze and I am getting error messages that "textures discarded due to insufficient memory" .. whatever that means I just did not  know.
Made my "friend"Google find it on the Firestorm trouble shoot website.
Textures are not rezzing as sharp as I want them to do so ..... I inhale deep to stay in touch with my inner peace and to prevent myself to toss my computer out of the window screaming bloody murder doing so.
Inhale & Exhale and have fun while you shop until you drop.
Top The Secret StoreCOLLABOR88 March Laura Polo Shrit Crimson
Pants The Secret Store @ COLLABOR88 March Audrey Pleated Pants Chalk
Shoes **DECO** Mesh Classic Sneaks
Poses Bauhaus Movement The Barber Chair
Decoration & Scenery
Wheelbarrow .:revival:.  @ The Mens Dept
Watering Can Pixel Mode *OLD GACHA*
Clay Pots 8f8 @ The Arcade March Primavera in Toscana *GACHA*
Hedgehog ISPACHI @ The Arcade March  Garden Friends *GACHA*

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