Every Monday it is challange / meme day of Strawberry Singh and I try to follow every week.
Meme instructions by Miss Berry herself : Share things that you have learned because of your involvement in Second Life, either personally or professionally. Don’t forget to leave a link to your post at Berry her post  so others can come by and read your answers as well!
  • Social Media - Before Second Life I was a total noob when it comes to what is happening on the internet. Did not have a Facebook account never heard of Flickr , Skype ,  Plurk and Pinterest and only knew Twitter existed because I heard people at my real life work talking about it. My Facebook and Skype  account is a mix between second life and real life people, all the other social media platforms are second life related and I don't have a Twitter account ... jet .. should I get one and why ?
  • Blogging - Learned how to make and manage a blog. My Pixel Styles blog is one of the main reason I still log in to Second Life. I would be bored out of my mind without blogging. In real life I even gave tips to some of my colleagues how to start a blog  about there hobby's
  • Being social - By heart I am a loner and shy. I started to work as a host in Woods Club to get over my social awkwardness. Don't work there anymore but Woods is still my favorite hang out if I need a bloggers break. Great music and nice people who let me be me.
  • Not all people have a sexual agenda - Found out after some mess ups and mistakes that not everybody in Second Life have sexual reasons to be in here. I am still  a littbe bit suspicious when I first start talking to people but that is the little voice of reason from my Mother "never talk to strangers " speaking to me.
  • Role Play is not for me - In real life I did some role playing .. not going to tell how  but I did. In Second Life I tried it as well in different worlds and I don't like it. My emote skill sucks and I fall out of character all the time making people upset and angry.
Today I had my 100th visitor @ *** Beautiful  4  Seasons  ***
The more people that visit the better,  so you are welcome to come over  anytime.
If you want or need rez rights drop me an IM so I can add you to the land group.
There is a *** Beautiful  4  Seasons  *** Flickr group as well if you feel the need to share your pictures you made here.
Enjoy your Second Life journey and have fun while you shop until you drop.
Skin -Glam Affair-  @ Shiny Shabby Alice Jamaica Shiny Shabby 04
Hat ELYSIUM @ TDR FUSION Irina Fashion Hat Red 
Hair +elua+ Yuki1 ( for hat option )
Cape ISON Winter Cape Brown
Skirt  .: ryvolter :. Alena Jersey Skirt Scarlet


  1. Pretty sure my addiction to social media can also be attributed to Second Life as well lol! Thank you so much for participating. <3


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