Friday, February 20, 2015

№ 1024 DJ INKIE ?

Walking the second life grid for more then 6 years  I saw some funny  and weird names.
Sometimes I wonder what people were thinking coming up with  theirs and sometimes what they were thinking  is not a secret at all.
Specialy the sexual orianted names  make me smile. Cumbucket ( 5 results in people search )  , Anal Queen and Bendmeover ( 26 results in people search )
Type in 12345 in people serch and you get 103 results !
Is the name inkie one of a kind ?
No way... type in inkie and you get 62 results, all names with inkie in it or just inkie like me.
There goos the vote for most original second life name.
If and when I need a bloggers break I park my avi in a second life club and enjoy the music and take a long look in to visitors profiles.
When it comes to names there are many , many , many names that begin with DJ
How many DJ's are visiting second life ?
Type in DJ A in people search and you only get on this letter 99 hits !!
Let the beat rock and have fun while you shop until you drop.
Skin ESSENCES @ +Creepy/Kawaii Fair 2015+ Pepper Pale 01
Hair .ploom. @ The Fantasy Gacha Stokes Monotone *GACHA*
Corset & Skirt !gO!  @  The Fantasy Gacha Mockingjay Swan  *GACHA*
Shoes Severed Garden Ballet Strap
For Slink High Feet
Pose Bauhaus Movement Modelling II 

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