There is a challenge that creates a buzz on Flickr, FaceBook and Plurk.
Share a pic of your face without any photoshop, enhancements, makeup, lashes, etc… it’s the #SLBareFaceChallenge.
I suck in photoshop for sure to many options to choose from so I use the free photo shop tool called PhotoScape but for the picture above I did not use it to work on the avi. The only made a frame around the picture.
Skin -Glam Affair-  @  K U S T O M 9  Angelica V2 Jamaica 08 E
Hair >TRUTH<  Neria
Hair Piece =Zenith=  @  The Secret Affair  Gypsy Divine Wreath Red&Gold
Sweater The Annex  @  The Secret Affair  Oaks Sweater Goldenrod
Skirt  The Annex  @  The Secret Affair  Hill Skirt Brown


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