In my past live as drugs user and abuser I tried the magic mushrooms more then once. I am NOT going to say in this post that you have to go outside pick some mushrooms and eat them to have a mind field trip.
Most of the mushrooms are poisoned so you will take a trip to eternity.
The effect of magic mushrooms are hard to describe and the impact depends on the state of your mind when you are sober. I had trips where I laughed so hard I almost could not walk anymore after the trip ended and on an outside mushroom trip I heard and saw the grass grow.
Make sure you are with people you trust in a safe environment and  don't fight it so go where the flow takes you and have fun.
Enjoy your trip and have fun while you shop until you drop.
Skin [sYs]   Angie M01 Beauty
Hair So sorry I deleted the by accident hair and I don't know where I bought it. If you know where is it from let me know I want it back !!
Jacket  insanya  @  Sad November  Winter Jacket Yellow
Jeans  Spirit Store @ Sad November November Jeans Black
Boots insanya Sad November Kat Boots Sport Black
Poses & Pops  .mien.  @  Oneword  {schrooms}



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