In this post I ask myself the question:do I really "need" a kitchen in second life?
I start to question myself first do I need a kitchen in real life? For me having a micro wave and take out restaurants under my speed dial  sums up my culinair capacitys. So having a kitchen with dish washer , micro wave and a kettle to make some tea are sufficient.
In second life I am not a role player. I suck in emoting and and I don't fit in rules and roles so having a kitchen to pretend I am a domestic person does not appeal to me. Making food in second life for the bennifit of my real life person is not going to happen only in my dreams.
So the logical  conclusion is that there is no "need" for having a second life kitchen ...... but  .... this Trompe Loeil kichen made by Edo Cory and available at FaMESHed is a must have !!
The details are amazing you can open  the doors of the old retro fridge , stove and sink and the curtain of the sink can be changed in some old fashion prints.
If and when you feel the need to purchase this kitchen take a trip to FaMESHed.
Have a great week and have fun while you shop until you drop.
 Stove , Fridge , Sink , Kitchen Island, Pot Rack, Chair
Antique Kitchen
Crates revival  @ FaMESHed Beer Crate Set  
Toy Box <: oogers="">
Milk Caddy floorplan
Candles CP @ FaMESHed  Virginia Candles
Candy Apples Poche
Cat (fd) Ready to Pounce *GACHA*
Bucket {what next} *GACHA*
Bathroom Clutter Second Spaces *GACHA*
Singing Bear HIDEKI *GACHA*
Flowers Apple Fall Wild Thistles
Pumpkins & Candles  PILOT
P.S. for all the gacha items you need to go the the main stores of the shops to see if they have the machines set up there.


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