Tuesday, October 21, 2014


On my place ***  Beautiful  4  Seasons  *** I made a café.
You are welcome to visit anytime.
I slapped myself silly on the 8f8 gacha machine at the last Arcade round but was not that lucky to get my hand on the rare piece the café itself.
So I digged deep in my inventory to see if I had a hidden café treasure there and I  found a great building from HIKEDI an old gacha item as well.
I will try to credit as much furniture as possible in this post but I apologize in advange that some pieces are not available anymore because they were gacha items. Have fun decorating yourself.
1st Picture
Rugs Zigana
Green Chair with Coat ***Zinnias*** Cheery Chair Frida Lime
Tables  Apple Fall Plantation Dining Table
White Chair with Coat Thaino Designs Bramly KitchenFloral Blue
Coutch  *ionic* Inspire Sofa
Book Machine floorplan Book Exchange Machine *GACHA*
Soda's floorplan Soda Crate Stack 
2nd Picture
Counter {vespertine} Old Recipe Cabinet
Rug Zigana Mahavra
Baker's Rack with Dishes Second Spaces
Bakery Shelf Velvet Whip
Bread Baskets on Counter Mesh Agency
Pink Ice Cream Maker Apple Fall
Red Milkshake Mixer {what next}  
3th & 4th  Picture
Chair Trompe Loeil @ COLLABOR88 October Winback Chair
Great textures on the Cushions
Couch The Loft Mara Couch Brown
Floor Cushions junk.  *GACHA*
Table with fan & Books Consigment Bookworm Coffee Rable
Kettle on Heater Soy. @ The Seasons Story Autumn
Chess Game *SORGO*
Book Cases {vespertine} *GACHA*
Book Scales HIDEKI *GACHA*
Coffee Machine HIDEKI *GACHA*

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