Monday, September 29, 2014


50 Shades of Grey raise your hand if you read the book and if you did not, you always can watch the movie that comes out on Valentines Day 2015.
From September 30th ~uber~ will be in 50 shades of grey theme. All designers got their kinky freak on and came out with fabulous designs.
From furniture , clothing , skins , hairs and fashion all with a kinky twist to it
Have  a hot shopping experience.
Bed Sway's  @ ~uber~ Oktober  Neal Unmade Bed Earth
Side Table & Lamp with Shirt & Clothing on Floor
Sway's  @  Fifty Shades of  ~uber~ ( October )
Curtain  Trappings & Dandelion Little Lights Side Curtain

Skin Lara Hurley  @  ~uber~ October Scarlet Dark
Hair >TRUTH<  Shae  *NEW*
Dress =Zenith=  @  ~uber~ October Vintage Lady Vest Dress Grape
Ring Right  =Zenith=  @  ~uber~  Hibiscus Flower Ring
Ring Left  =Zenith=  @  ~uber~  Mirror Pearl Stone Ring

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