Sunday, September 21, 2014


This weekend I blog as much as possible. My real life job is very busy right now and I don't know if I feel like coming to second life in days to come.
A/W 2014 PENUMBRA is hosting this weekend the last fabulous fashion shows.
Program Sept 21th  |  Sunday
 11AM    Lybra
 12PM    Lyrical B!zarre Templates | wicca’s wardrobe | Kelini Haute Couture | Masoom | Living Imagination
 1PM      October’s 4seasons
 2PM      Grand Finale Show
 3pm     Live Performance w/ Josiah Lee Baxter
  Entrance B  
This blogpost 2 designers in the Pixelstyles spotlights.
The black dress in the first picture is made by Carrie Snowpaw designer and owner of --Snowpaws-- If and when you are a petit avatar of change in to a petit avi sometimes you need to visit this shop as well for the cutest tiny houte couture.
 Is your avatar 30 days old or less? Come grab a welcome kit courtesy of Snowpaws. If and when you are a low budget shopper Snowpaws is the place to be as well.
The black hat with flying birds is from *LODE* and is available @ The Secret Affair
The white dress in the 2nd and 3th picture is made by Eva Kelini (Evakalini) from  • K E L I N I •  Haute Couture
Eva blogs out her designs on her own blogsite called • K E L I N I •
Her designs are bold and colorful and definitely second life high fashion.
Even tough the Peumbra festivities are coming to an end the retail shopping area will be still open so have fun while you shop until you drop.



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