Wednesday, September 17, 2014


On this Sunny humpday in the midst of September a decoration post.
Because giving credits to all the desingers and creators,  is a hell of a job, no small talk today.
I leave you  the landmarks so you can shop until you drop.
Garden House  Thaino DesingS  @  H&G EXPO Secret Wood House
Creator : Thaihiti Baroque
Couch Right  Thaino DesingS  @  H&G EXPO Old Shabby Patch Sofa
Creator : Thaihiti Baroque
Couch Left  Thaino DesingS  @  H&G EXPO "Make Do" Sofa
Creator : Thaihiti Baroque
Table Apple FallH&G EXPO  Cafe Table (Rose)
Creator : Warehousefifteendesigns 
Angel Statue  meadwoWorks H&G EXPO  Better Angel
Creator : Garvie Garzo
Chair ( with angel )  DaD DESIGN @ H&G EXPO Essential Twig Chair
Creator : Sheerpetal Roussel
Stool  Apple Fall @ H&G EXPO  Cottage Dining Stool
Basket with Flowers Trappings  @ H&G EXPO  Flower Bunch 
Creator : Sandi Petunia
Crate with Books  Trappings  @ H&G EXPO
 Bouquets & Teacups & Blueberries  Apple Fall  @ K U S T O M 9  *GACHA*

Location  ***  Beautiful  4  Seasons  ***

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  1. wow what a great shot.. i also grabbed pretty much everything i could out of Aplle Fall's cafe lol. i'll be right over for tea