Sunday, September 07, 2014


Because I decotrated my place in Autumn season I find myself nice new places to take my pictures.
You must have noticed that The Arcade openend their virtual doors on a new location and  like always it is almost impossible to get in. So this year I desided not even to try  and I do my Arcade shopping at yardsales.
Positive side of doing that is the fact that  my sl pixel piggy bank is not empty yet. I shop with Shopping Guide of the Arcade open so I know exactly what I am buying so no unnecessesary doubles that pile up in my inventory. The fact that I am not getting the rare items out of the machines I take for granted I am not that lucky in games anyway.
Best yardsale for me is the @ The Pea all the brands are on alphabetical order that makes it easy to find.
If and when you were lucky and you got in The Arcade yourself and you have an inventory that is almost exploding and you have a hard time TPing because of your heavy load , you can sell your items there as well.
Only for the prices you slapped the machine yourself so you wont get rich out of it but you can get rid of the stuff you don't need yourself.
In the meantime you help budget shoppers like myself so it is very much appreciated.
The skins of [theSkinnery] of this Arcade round are fabulous as well as the Exile hairs both to see on this pictures.
Don't forget to go shopping @ My Slink Obsession the golden spyked shoes are for sale there. For more information what to expect visit the
 My Slink Obsession blogsite 
This all will keep you busy  have a great  weekend and have fun while you shop until you drop.
Skin [theSkinnery]  @ The Arcade  Marni 12 (toffee)  *GACHA*
Creator : Umazuma Metaluna
Hair  Exile  @ The Arcade Dancing on my Own 12 Natural Fusion *GACHA*
Creator : Kavar Cleanslate
Top .: revolter :.  Ming Turtleneck Crop Cream
Designer : Inna Bilavio
Skirt  .: revolter :.  Eniko Leather Skirt Camel
Designer : Inna Bilavio
Bag .: revolter :.  Xylia Knot Bag CowHide
Holdable Sweater .: revolter :.  *1000 FB LIKES GIFT*
Shoes Licked & Painted @ My Slink Obsession Rihanna Studded Pump
Designer : Liv Watkins
Nails STELLAR @ My Slink Obsession Essential Colors 1
Creator : Lexi Morgan
Decoration & Scenery
Scooter LostAngel Industries  Scooter Beige
Creator : Evangeline Cortes
Wall & Arch Studio Skye Ancient Stone Wall Building Set
 Creator : Alex Bader
Path Izzie's  All Seasons Road Building Set Autumn
Creator : Izzie Button
Old Wagon with Pumpkins  /artilleri/
Creator : Antonia Marat

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