Wednesday, June 04, 2014


If and when you just came underneath a pixel rock and you have no clue what is happening I give you  some hints....... out of sim shopping ..... going broke ..... doubling and tripling but no rare .... gacha !!  The Arcade is open.
If and when you are a gambler anonymous a no go area for sure  but there is a great gacha yardsale at  the Nest  and all the shops are displayed in alphabetical order how conveniant is that. And you can put your items for sale there as wel free of charge.
One of my favorite items this round are the fairytale compagnions made by Any Ohmai  of  !Ohmai. They are to cute for words and they come in a flying option and there are potted fairys as well. I can watch them for hours they make me smile and happy inside.
Happy Humpday  and have fun while you gacha shop until you drop.

Oohh yes I am going pc shopping tomorrow so that means I am going to be able to upgrade to the latest viewers so I can see fitted and liquid mesh in a normal way and I will be able so see matarial enabled texturing as well. I can not wait to get to work with my new computer.

Skin  [theSkinnery]  @ The Arcade Chloe 3 (honey) DB CL1
Hair ~Tableau Vivant~ @  The Arcade Longfall Hair Light Dyes
Dress =Zenith=  @  FaMESHed  Hippie Dress w Belt Brown
Band in Hair =Zenith=  @  FaMESHed Hippie Headband Peace
Fairy's !Ohmai  @  The Arcade Dandelion , Lady Bug , Tulip , Horn Beetle 

Decoration & Scenery 

Car {vesperitine}  @  The Arcade  *RARE*
Camping Chair & Table & Blankets  {vesperitine}  @  The Arcade  
Backpack IPACHI  @ The Arcade Upheaval Backpack 
Boots ASO!  @  The Arcade Rain Boots French Khaki
Banjo Zigana @  The Arcade  Banjo Neutral Old
Road sign  (epia)  @  The Arcade 

I will leave this set up here for a while you are welcome to take pictures @

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