Friday, May 16, 2014


Today an interior post about where to shop for great furniture. Last weeks some  ooohh and aaaahhh moments with new furniture releases. Cory Edo of Trompe Loeil made some great cottages witch I can not show because of shorten of prim capacity. I show you the hanging moon chair available @ COLLABOR88 and there is a 2 seater as well. Texture changing seats and the details are great like all of Cory's work.
Second  aaahhh moment is the garden house made by Apple Fall available @  TLC Not only the house but the matching furniture , terracotta urn , potted olive plant and  even the baguette is oohh la la so well made that you picture yourself on a French vacation sipping wine near a vineyard. More furnitue designers showing their best work on this monthly event The Liaison Collaborative.
Last furniture hero of mine I am going to mention in this post is Hideki Carami of HIDEKI now available @ The Chapter Four with amazing GACHA pieces like this menu sign and the coffee mug shelf.
Exuse me for the pictures not being as sharp and well rezzed as I want them to be my graphic card is slowly dying on me I try to hang in there until I got the money and the time to get a bigger card so I can update my pc.
Have a great weekend and have fun furniture shopping until you drop.

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