Pose Fair 2014 opened their virtual doors and in 2 hours time I am a broke ass avi. The lay out is great and take a  shopping tip from me: pic your turn and follow the color lines Don't go kriss, cross like I did in the first hour because there is a change you miss certain shops and that would be a shame. For me as a blogger poses are  just as imported as the clothing , hair, shoes and skins. Do I credit my poses all the time ? I try to .. but not all the time. Reason is the fact that a lot of my poses are older poses and not available anymore. Other reason is the fact that I loaded my poses in to a HUD and  deleted them from my inventory on a quest to lower my inventory numbers. The end result of that "action" is that  I can not find the pose store or creator anymore from a lot of poses.
When it comes to taking picture I am a loner so I only can give comment on the single poses since I don't even own one couple pose. Since the release of mesh a lot of my poses don't fit anymore and although there is a poses editing device called Animare Pose Fair was a great opportunity to renew my pose collection.

Meme Instructions by Berry herself: Share a picture of your favorite pose or a list of your favorite posemakers on the grid! Don’t forget to leave a link to your post in the comments and share your picture in the blog memes flickr group.

  1. WetCat  by WetCat ( Rie for others ) I am a pose props junkie and this brand always have original props for every new season like this bungee jumping prop now available on Pose Fair 2014.
  2. Del May  by Del May Love these artistic poses with a nice twist to it. The Del May poses inspire me as a blogger on what to blog about next.
  3. aDORKable by Adorkable Peapod only available on Market Place right now. Poses and props with humor and a smile. Nice free bees  for grabs there as well.
  4.  Ma Vie.  by Mavie Beck Editorial, Haute Couture, Modelling - all you need in poses.
  5. Countdown by antoniaxp. Found this brand on the Pose Fair and it fits with mesh !! ..::Vibe::.. by Journey  Lorakeet also a new brand for me I found on the Pose Fair and I know I am going to use them often.
There are many , many more great pose and props makers out there who I did not mentioned. I lost counting how many poses I have and had and deleted. The second life pose making industry is making money out of me for sure.

Thinking about posing and because I declared the month of April Pixel Styles Music Month I add the video of Madonna Vogue to this post.

                            Greta Garbo , and Monroe Deitrich and DiMaggio
                                             Marlon Brando , Jimmy Dean 
                                              On the cover of a magazine
                          Grace Kelly , Harlow Jean Picture of a beauty queen
                         Gene Kelly , Fred Astaire Ginger Rogers dance on air.
                    They had style they had grace Rita Hayworth gave good face
                         Lauren , Katherine ,Lana too Bette Davids we love you 
                          Ladies with an attitude Fellows that were in the mood
                                   Don't just stand there , let's get to it
                                        Strike a pose there's  nothing to it 
                                                  Vogue ...  vogue .... vogue 

Skin  -Glam Affair-  Mokatana The Diva  *OLD FIFTY LINDEN FRIDAY*
Hair  *ARGRACE*  Saki 
Shirt =MODA=  Music Mania Tee 
Pants  **SHINE**  Legging Jeans Modern *NEW*
Shoes  MG  @  *{ TheSeasonsStory}* Sandals Ibiza Summer Beaded
Poses and Prop ::WetCat::  @ Pose Fair 2014 Free Fall Bungee Prop


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