Thursday, April 17, 2014


Just a quick post complaining  about the fact that my pc hates the updated Firestorm with material enabled and fitted mesh. I keep on freezing up after 5 or 10 minutes on this viewer it is pissing me off big time now. I am member of the Firestorm support group and they gave me a to do  list of problem solvers... I followed all the steps but .. nope still freezing up. The result is that I am still not able to show fitted mesh clothing like LMD is making   and material enabled hair like MINA is making. I keep my fingers crossed that it is a bug in the viewer and not in my pc because the bug will be fixed faster in Firestorm  then my pc. Budget wise it is not possible to buy myself a new pc in the near future.
Enjoy your day have fun while you shop until you drop.

Skin  { .essences.}  @  The Seasons Story  Amaranth 02 *NEW*
Hair  MINA  Tabita 
Dress  LMD  Margo Dress Yellow Floral 
Shoes { mon tissu} Openwork Wedges  Mustard 
Raccoon  Birdy @  The Chapter Four  *GACHA*  #RARE 
Flower in Hair Glam Affair  @  FaMESHed  Dahlia Headpiece Summer 

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