Thank God it is Weekend !  Hallelujah and pass me the joint ...... Busy busy weekend with a birthday party and a school reunion. In this post a Strawberry Singh challenge about giving advice to the new arrivals of second life the newbies or how some of you call them the noobs. I prefer the newbies name it sounds more friendly but I got to admit some newcomers act like noobs.
I don't know if you still  remember the "good old days" in the beginning when you first arrived I was so lost and had no clue what so ever what I was doing. And because I did not talked to strangers that easy ... then ... it took me a looooong time before I had any idea. Berry is asking for 5 pieces of advice but I as you can see I am giving 6 for free.

Meme Instructions by Berry herself: List 5 pieces of advice you would give to a newcomer that has just joined Second Life. Don’t forget to leave a link to your post or advice in the comments.
  1. Buy or find a free AO  ( Animated Over rider ) Standing like a true sl citizen so you can hold your head up high. 
  2. Remember sl is a virtual gaming platform. So take interest in how you look. Elves , furs , goths unicorns it does not matter as long as you look fabulous. If and when you decide to go with the human shape and form get yourself a good skin the foundation of your avi. oohh yes don't wear jewelry with bling bling even if it is free it makes me giggle.
  3. Don't enter people their IM with "Do you want to have sex ? " Please sl is way to laggy to have sex it would take hours and not every body is in this game to date or to get laid. If and when sex and sl is your thing please don't walk around naked in shopping malls or dance clubs with prim or mesh cocks that are way to big. Size does matter you know.
  4. Go to sl search and type in the word free There you get a looooooong list of free stuff available in sl And yes if you are looking for sex you can find it here as well. There are some FreeBee  groups, the bigger the group in members the better the freebees. Camping Chairs , Midnight Mania Boards , Hunts you name it all opportunities to get free stuff. I know it is a lot of work but it is better then asking strangers for Lindens You know your mother warned you about strangers 
  5. Don't be an asshole or assholette   because you can hide yourself behind a pixel Ken or Barbie. Curtice and being civilized costs nothing. Don't treat others like you bin treated in the past. This is "a" second life take it as a second change and break the vicious  circle of shittyness.
  6. Ask for help if you don't know how things work. There are a lot of nice help full people out here who are happy to help you so you "get it"  faster. Don't give up after the first days you would miss out a huge world with great people. Even I got it eventually so there is hope for everybody.
                     Thank you Berry for the Veteran NewB t-shirt. 
                     Available @ Market Place for only 50 Lindens

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