Wednesday, February 26, 2014


As always I am way behind on my blog list. I take the time to shop but when it comes to showing all my goodies in a timely fashion I am always late. Is there not a saying " fashionably late " ? I went on Google to see if I can make me being late a good thing.
 Here is the definition :  "The refined art of being just late enough (5 minutes or so) to give the impression that you are a busy, popular person that was held up with other business."
Hmmm no I am not just ( 5 minutes or so ) late I am far behind so no chance in turning this in  to a trendy and hip thing
 I just suck..... I am showing you red items I purchased and received as a gift  in   Valentine's time of year and that is almost 14 days ago!!  I am  showing you shoes a free gift from [Gos] Boutique that are  not even available anymore.
Let this be a lesson for you readers who are not in to the [Gos] Boutique group jet,  make sure you do. Costumer service is outstanding you get discount on the amazing shoes when you ware  the group tag of Gos Boutique and the gifts are fabulous and high quality like all Gos shoes are. There is an entrance fee but lindens well spent trust me on this one.
Have fun while you ( shoe ) shop until you drop.

Skin Glam Affair  Valentine  02 *GROUP GIFT*
Hair  Exile  Quiet Afterthought 
Top & Skirt LMD Ilona  *VIP VALENTINE GIFT* 
Shoes [Gos] Boutique Carrie Pump *VALENTINE GIFT* 
Flowers in Hair  Boudoir  @ Love is in the Air Event Poppy Wreath
Kiss on Cheek  Izzie's  *VALENTINE GROUP GIFT 2013* 
Pocket Pet  Birdy  Frenchy White  *GACHA ITEM*
Poses with Boxes  !bang  *GACHA ITEMS*

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