Thursday, January 02, 2014


Always in my heart the people I lost in real life and the people I lost in second life. The loss is not always in death but it can feel like it is  because the loss is permanent. I know second life is " just a game we play " but the contacts with friends is real. And I understand that it is sometimes better for people to give all there 100% to the real life and that it is necessary to go cold turkey on this game. Some of them who leave telling that they are leaving and they are not coming back making a big spectacle about it on all the social network platforms like FB and Plurk and are back in my IM after some weeks with an alt. I am fine with that what ever rocks your boat.
Some of them just saying they have to leave they fell in love in real life and the partner does not understand the second life habit and they have to choose. Go for it !!! Warm loving arms in the flesh beats the cybering anytime. Sent me an email or a card when you get married I will be there with bells on, if the distance let me I am a sucker for love so no problem here.
But some ... some just leave without saying goodbye They leave without telling that they happy they got to know you but it is time for them  to move on.. They clean out there profile, empty  pics.... and an empty real life tab just nothing left there but empty squares without photo's.... They remove there second life FB account and the rest is silence.
 Leaving me and others in worries that something bad happened to the loved one who left without a trace....   I know people coming from different places and not everybody is the same and I can not look in to the minds  hearts and real life's so I don't know what makes people tick and I don't know why people choose to leave without leaving any kind of message........
                                                        I don't judge I just don't understand ....

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