Monday, November 04, 2013


 In second life I am a pathological  Photographer picture taker. I don't take pictures in an arty high fashion kind of way. For some reason I lack the creative brain to deliver that . I see myself as a   good snap shot photographer that tries to do her best to show the designs and clothing as they are. I tried to educate myself on the photoshop  skills and still I suck there. I know how to make the picture darker or lighter and I can sharpen the images but there ends my capacity's when it comes to  the photoshop program.I watched tutorials to tutorials about using photoshop but they talk like I know shit already and trust me I don't know nothing !! So they are going way to fast explaining tools they say they never use ... why going with me step by step trough options and tell me after as my teacher you don't see the need of that tool and there is a more easy way to get the same effect. To say I gave up on photoshop is not the case only because I don't want to admit I gave up but deep in my heart I know this is not my thing neither.
On this pictures I am standing on my river banks made by Alex Bader from  Studio Skye and on this pictures the banks are still green but Alex released some add on textures so I can change my river banks in to Autumn , Winter and Summer theme just by one click on the banks. Thanks Alex for doing that because now  changing seasons is way much easier to do.
If you want to see the   Autumn  themed river banks come to visit my place

                                     seasons 1  Beautiful  4  Seasons  seasons 1

Shopping spree
Skin  -Belleza-  Cynful  *GIFT SKIN*
Hair  Tameless  Danika
Top ISON  @  COLLABOR88 October  Leather Asymmetrical Jacket Tan
Pants *LpD*  Lana Pants Sand
Necklace & Hairband  [ glow ] Classy
Bag  *BOOM*  Studio Tote Brown
Camera  [Ca.Co]  Poses The Photographer
Poses Ma Vie  Abstract

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