Sunday, October 06, 2013


So many things happening shopping wise and exploring wise so I just start.

One of my favorite bloggers is Neva Crystall. I love the look and feel of every picture she makes specially the scenery and decorations of her pictures are mind blowing. She took her skills to good use and made Neva Sky Villi and it is open now to visit. If you are looking for  an amazing place to live it is possible to rent a house on this super location. There is a shopping area, an art gallery and a concert podium. The place is picture perfect all around so a must see for sure. Another place open for public is Neva River and this place is not always open for visitors so time to pack you backpack and go on an exploring tour at  Neva her private place.

If you are looking for a Winter place for an early winter photo shoot you can go to Timber Wilds  @  Silent Hills. I took the first picture there. If you want to know what places to go to, visit the Explore Second Life Flickr group for directions.

The Fantasy Gacha Fair is open and I loved being there watching the elves , dragons and fury's  of second life. I spent the whole afternoon not only slapping the gatcha machines but looking at the most fantastic  avi's and reading there profiles and got a peak of a total different world then the second life I am living in.

A view posts ago I told that the { .essences. } skin brand took another turn in there designs. Not only is Inka Mexicola the most talented skin designer her second life partner Sash Arabello is making the cutest little pieces of jewellery available now @ The Wizarding Fair and Candy Fair 2013

On the 3 pictures I used one of the new released windlight settings made by the talented Annan Adored and you can download them for free. Thank you Annan for sharing.

Now I stop typing  so you can stop reading ( if you did read it all I am happy you took the time ) Pack your backpack start exploring and have fun while you shop until you drop.

Skin  { .essences.}  Sash Noisette
Hair  [INK]  Chignon
Dress coldLogic  Leone Ivory  *NEW*
Shoes  [ Gos ] Boutique  Lauren d'Orsay Truffle
Glasses * S O R G O   Other Shades Tortoise
Fur Tippet  *{Junbug}  @ Fantasy Fair Gacha   Princess Fur Tippet  *RARE*
Muff  *{Junbug}  @ Fantasy Fair Gacha  Fur Muff Cream
Necklace  { .essences.}  @  Wizarding Fair  A Shift in Time
  Pocket Watch  { .essences.}  @ Wizarding Fair  Companion Pocket Watch
Location  ( Picture 2  & 3 )  Neva Sky Villi
Location ( Picture 1 )  Timber Wilds  @  Silent Hills

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