Monday, October 07, 2013


We can divide the world in to two sides. One side who love  cats and there personality's   and on the other side the people who don't like them. To say that they hate cats  is making it to simplistic but they just don't like them. To say that every person who dislikes cats love dogs is not true as well there are people in the world who don't like both. For me , I am a cat person. I like everything about them. The fact that the cat owner does not "own" the cat but the cat tolerate there owners one way or the other. They live there life like they don't need us at all but when you choose to ignore them they come sit on your keyboard or walk in front of your legs until you trip over them. They maneuvering themselves in difficult situations and find away out ( most ) of the times and if they don't we "owners" come to there rescue. Are they grateful if you do rescue them from heights or scary ledges ? Nope .. on the contrary  they walk away with there tail up in the air turning there back on you like it was nothing you just did giving you the feeling like you disturb them in some kind of  an adventure in stead of saving them.
There is one famous cat on the Internet who cracks me up and makes me smile it is grumpy cat and that is why I love this t-shirt from *X*plosion rescuing my pixel cat from Zooby

Skin -Belleza-   Leila Sunkissed 2
Hair ~Tableau Vivant~ Bean Hair
Shirt  *X*plosion  Tee Be Grumpy
Pants  DRIFT  Bomshell Capris Pearl / Onyx
Shoes  2REAL  Glyderz Shoes
Cat in Bag  ZOOBY  The Z Bag Black & White Carrier
Poses with Wire Prop  Nuwiggles Trapeze Telephone Pole


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