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Since Linden Lab updated there Terms On Service the TOS is the talk of the grid and there is a buzz going on. This weeks challenge from Strawberry Singh is not the usual fun one and it is a bit on the political side of second life but I think important still to participate with this discussion. Specially paragraph 5 of sections 2.3. of the TOS is what the talk and this post is all about.

  1. Do you usually read the TOS thoroughly before you hit accept? Nope and that is not a very smart thing to do I know. In real life I am reading every footnote in a document before I sign on the dotted line but in this case I just accept and move on
  2. How do you feel about the new LL TOS changes, specially from August 15th and section 2.3. I had a hard time understanding the legal talk since English is not my own language but after some Google help in translations  I don't know what there angle is and why they did this but I think it is a shitty  thing to do and it is so not in the spirit I thought second life was started up in the beginning. But maybe I am just  naive and sl is a business.
  3. Do the changes affect you directly?   Not directly but indirectly it does. I am a sl blogger and I love to show what designers and creators are making. And if the inventors and creative spirits of second life are leaving because of this TOS it makes me sad and the more of those people leaving second life the more poor the in world community will be. This are the people who shape the world around us and help us dress and customise the avi to our own taste and liking and again it is a bad thing those people are leaving sl because of this new TOS. I understand where they are  coming from hopefully linden lab will come around as well.
  4. What do you think people should do about this new change?  Telling others what to do is not my thing to begin with so I am not going to start here. Maybe going on a sl strike for like 1 day ? And doing that with as many people as possible at the same time to sent out some kind of   message how we see this new TOS paragraph.
  5. Are you or have you ever thought about leaving Second Life? What would you do with your time/blogs/career if you ever did?  No never had the thought of leaving have no reason for it so I am staying where I am but .... since the talk about the new TOS I went on a discovery  tour in other virtual worlds to see what the status of pixel fashion is across the borders of second life. And that answers the second part of this question what would I do with my time and blog if I ever would leave sl. I am a pragmatist and I move on when it is time to move on and I would probably take my camera elsewhere and write about it like I do now. Second Life is not my career it is my little safe haven in a crazy real life and a demanding job and it keeps my creative side of me alive and I can be creative elsewhere but like I said I am not leaving second life.
So this said on the new sl tos I went on a tour to other virtual worlds to take some fashion snap shots.
First I went to take a look in the world called  Cloud Party and the cool thing about this you don't need to download nothing you just log in on your browser and you can create an account for free. Being a fashion girl like me Cloud Party is not the place to be ( jet ) If and when you are a builder and  creator I can imagine  this is definitely a cool place. When you create an avatar you only have a view options for outfits,  hair and skin tones and  the only thing you can do is coloring the clothes to your own liking. Maybe in time it will be possible or maybe it is better like this to have a world out there  that is not about how we wanna look but what we can create.

Next stop was Avination a second world look a like  and it   threw me in a loop hole back in second life time. Fashion wise it made me sad. . No windlight setting ( not that I could find anyway )  bad lighting could not find any interesting shop for clothes and hairs so I did not even bothered to take a picture. Remember yourself  3 or 4 years ago in sl and you get the picture yourself.  I visited 2 times and both of the times there were less then 500 people logged in at the same time. If you organize a speed date there you can meet all the residents in just one day.

3th  and last stop of my virtual fashion tour for now was InWorldZ  a second life look a like as well but more  advance then Avination. Some  of second life designer names and brands did crossed over and showing and selling there goods on both side of the pixel fence.  Mesh just arrived and you need a beta viewer that supports it and they got a deformer so mesh has only one size fits all so that is a good thing for inventory numbers. They have the same winlight settings then Firestorm and taking pictures goose with the same proses. Good thing is that  downloading pictures or content in world is not costing anything so free of charge.
Being there made me feel like a noob al over again and it is fun exploring a new world  like a new bee but it looks to much like second life to have a long appeal on me. Why exploring like a noob in a world that is so similar to second life ? I've bin there , done that. I love that I know where to shop in second life it took me a lot of mistakes in buying shitty stuff in the wrong places Why should I start doing that all over again ?
For those of you who want to take a look on the other side of the pixel fence I give you some pointers. Mimi's Choice  first stop for a Vista animation hud so you don't stand like a noob. In Mimi's shop there are more designers showing there creations and there is a Redgrave skin store as well. I am showing you the Redgrave skin called Ashley. For my hair I went to  *~*Dameslfly*~*  and the mesh dress is available in the Mimi shop as well as the static pose I used for this picture. 
You can link your SL avatar to your Inworldz avatar through InBiz and then transfer your lindens over there so you can buy stuff there is an inBiz Marketplace as well and buying InWorldZ currency is a very easy proses trough Pay Pall.
I missed my Slink hands and Gos shoes but most of all I missed my second life friends and for me that  is the main reason I don't move over or they have to move with me.

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