Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Some weeks ago the brand [Cynful] reopened a brand new sim and I took this pictures over there. I did some shopping as well while if visited and I am going to show you that some posts later. Not only Cynful and CnS e-motion poses from Cynthia Ultsch  but Maxi Gossamer  of MG and hair shop Pollen reopened there new shops. Brands also available at the  same location :  Blacklace; Blacklace Beauty; Lil'Lace;  ; Pilot; Belleza; EV2 Design; Action; Humanoid; Ecce Bellos. A  perfect shopping area to get a total avi make over and take some nice snapshots because of the nice sim decorations.
Like always my bloggers to do list is endless and looooooooooooong.
 (FreshFace) came out with a crispy new skin called Heather and the good news is that this brand has Slink  hand appliers as well and this girl can't live without them anymore ( how easy we get used so certain things )  For now this is it have fun while you shop until you drop.

Skin  (FreshFace)  Heather  *NEW*
Hair  Exile Sugar High
Coat NYU  Peter Pan Collar Coat  Baby Blue
Boots  *GF*  Long Cuff Boots  Baby Blue
Glasses Clawtooth  Retro readers Hair Accessory
Earrings  MG  Santa Fe 

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