Thursday, September 26, 2013


This post is a my entrance in the fourth chapter of  The Writer's Block. This round toppics I wish I could do them all ( maybe I will for my own plessure )
                                             Topics for this round are :

1. Heartbroken
2. Happy in my own skin * 
3. Gender-bending and Second Life
4. You, Me, and a bottle of …
I change skin almost every day .... for me being a second life blog and shopaholic putting on a different skin is like changing clothes. To be honest I even don't have "my own skin" in here. In the Chinese Zodiac I am a snake and that is what a snake does , changing skin once in a while. Why does the snake do  that ? Searching on the world wide web I found this :  Basically, a snake will shed its skin to allow for continued growth
So for me  to stay true to myself and to grow I need to change skin !!
Next to skin comes shape and I declare here that I am happy in my own ( second life giving )  shape. Tango and Lola boobs sorry not for me And now the latest hype in second life the Phat azz. What the heck is happening ? In real life I walk every treadmill and running myself silly to loos the fat ass and now I need to get myself  a mesh one ?
I spent a gazillion lindens on clothes and attaching boobs and ass makes my whole inventory wordless. So a mesh ass ? I don't hink so !
But me being a skin changer that allows me to grow I maybe grow boobs that make me tip over and perhaps I grow myself a phat azz that prevents me from sitting down. So when you see me around getting more ass and more  boobs poke me and save me from myself maybe I stop changing skin then.
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Hair  (red)Mint  Hair No.14 
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