Sunday, September 01, 2013


  2 Of my favorite shopping events opened there doors  today.
                                     FaMESHed   &  The Arcade Gacha
Cory Edo designer of Trompe Loeil made a great new bedroom set for FaMESHed called Baybrooke  and she made a children  Baybrooke    bed as well as you can see in the picture. Because The Arcade is open en all eyes and tries to get in there are on that event  it was an easy shopping experience @ FaMESHed with no lag and fast and easy rezzing.
For the people who lived under a pixel rock The Arcade Gacha is open ..... sighs deeply. To get in is almost impossible and if you are in the lag is choking thick and it takes 4 ever for you to see what you are buying. The fact that the items in there are to die for makes everybody  wild and after an 1234564  gazillion tries to get in all get frustrated. Today on Plurk a friend of mine Tigest  had a smart question "Why not open 2 or maybe 3 exact the same locations of The Arcade ? " Or is the fact we are not able to get in part of the Arcade hype and charm ? I don't know ...
I was thinking an Arcade on market place no lag at all, probably it is technical not possible to slap marketplace in a high volume of numbers but it would be convenient.
There is an other way to get your hand on The Arcade goodies without the lag and in my case it  works better for my second life budget. There are Arcade Yard Sales all over second life !! People who did get in early already did the shopping for you ! All the double items they sell in yards sales how convenient is that. I even got my hand on some rare items for the original gacha price. Some yard sales have old items from last Arcade events on display as well so it is handy to have The Arcade Shopping Guide open to check what you are buying. I bought some gacha items from previous rounds as well because of there cuteness.
In this post you will find the slurls to the different yard sales and have fun while you shop until you drop.

Bed & Side Tables & Cabinet & Right Lamp  Trompe Loeil  @ FaMESHed 
Baybrooke Bedroom  *NEW* Living Island/222/187/21


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