Saturday, August 03, 2013


Some post ago I complained that I a had a bloggers block so I went to  the [ SL ] Bloggers Support blog to see if they could help me out. I found a new bloggers challenge  called  The Writers Block.
Visit The Writers Block page to check out the rules and I hope you can join this original challenge

Now on with the first Chapter – August 1st through August 14th (eve).
                      Entries will close at this time and Chapter 2 will begin.


1. It’s only a fairy tale.
2. The colors of me.
3. You believe, so why should I?
4. Running up that hill.

The colors of me what to tell here ? My favorite color ? What impact different  colors have on my state of mind ? In the real world I am a basic girl when it comes to choosing the color of my clothes. Not to bright and not to outstanding is my motto there.
 In second life I am a total different girl when it comes to fashion and colors. Favorite colors ? PINK & RED I participated on Luna's 52 Weeks of Color Challenge and in Luna's 52 Weeks of Color Challenge Part Deux   it was  so much fun and after 2 years we almost tackled  all the colors in the rainbow, and I found out there is not a color I don't like ( except lag gray )
In general colors have a huge impact on your  mood and state of mind. For me being in a yellowish room makes me energetic and being in a blueish room gives me the feeling it is cooler there. The song the Lady in Red is about a seductive woman and the Rolling Stones song Paint it Black it about the Vietnam war.
What kind of colors we are wearing and how we look on the outside  is sending out  messages to others. What really matters are our  true colours. Who are we  on the inside ? Do we try to see the  true colours of others  or are we only scratching the service?
Am I showing the colors of me ? Not always .. Showing your true colors makes you vulnerable and sometimes I can't use that . But there are always people in my life who see my true colors  and still love me or they love me because of the colors of me.

When I was thinking about making this post I changed clothes a number of times from red to pink to even a rainbow collord dress and finely I desided to go pixel naked showing you an { . essences . } skin called Whisper made by Inka Mexicola.  Hair is from Exile and I love the way you can change the hair streaks and band  by using a hud.
Song is from Cyndi Lauper called True Colours with lyrics so have fun singing along.


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