Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Topless Tuesday it is !!! and I am so going to do this every week. There is even a Flickr group to show your shirtless pictures on. Oohh yes and not only woman are invited to show some upper body skin but boys and man are challenged as well. I am showing the boobs I got from Linden I  still have not got me some Lola's or Lush mesh breast everybody seem to have right now. When it comes to boobs I am definitely a trend follower and not a trend setter.
Why ? I found boobs in real life a pain in the ass ( read pain in the breasts ) When it comes to running or doing  exorcise in the gym they always get in the way. Wearing a low tank top makes man look at my breasts instead of my eyes and that is inconvenient in the work place so I don't feel the I need to be a busted girl in second life.
Another reason is the fact that mesh breasts takes time to do some pulling and tucking to get them just in the right size  and then you need to get appliers from every skin brand to make them look like they are a part of your avi. More then half of my wardrobe does not fit anymore so that  makes me have to do more shopping , like I need another excuse to do that . I am troubled on that department as it is so for me only Linden Lab boobs...... for now. But I never say never when it comes to second life and fashion.


Skin  -Belleza-  Ashley Medium
Lips  Pink Acid  @  SL Fashion Week  Luxury Lip Gloss Barbie
Hat  Boudoir  Flower Hair
Pants  ---- Gawk! -----  Blue Basic Jeans *NEW*

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