Sunday, August 25, 2013


Although I am trying to hold on to Summer in real life as long as possible in second life I got leafs blowing in my head already. Today was my lucky day went to a beautiful urban sim called Mad City.
Mad City brings you Room 326 - a murder mystery with a grid-wide hunt. Only during July - August. Brought to you by MadPea Games, sponsored by NY Healthscape.
In some parts of this city it rains so I found myself a raining machine without prims for my own place as well @ Dwelling Quay called the Best Weather Box. It can make snow as well but I don't want to think about Winter for some months.
I posed myself on the middle  of the street to take a picture of myself  and here comes my lucky part  of the day. Saka Infinity asked me very friendly if he had permission to make a picture of me and me being the narcissistic pixel personality as I am  said yes to that request. And he did an amazing job !!
Picture number 1 and 3 in this post are done by Saka  the only thing I did was add some rain brushes in photoshop. His Original pictures on Flickr are looking better so take a look. Thank you so much for the great pictures Saka * Kisses on your nose*

Skin  { .essences.} CHO  Lait  *NEW*
Hair  (red) Mint  Hair No. 15'13 ( Reds )
Coat  *LpD*  Liv Coat Green
Boots  Bax Coen  Regency Boots Black Leather *NEW*

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