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This weeks Meme from Strawberry Singh is great !!!
The Exploring Second Life Meme is simple. Be our travel guide in second life take us 5 destinations and tell us why you think this place is worth a visit. Berry made a new Flickr group as well the only rule are , when you post a picture there to add the link of  the location and only show pictures of the location and no close up of avi's.
On the right side of this blog I made a header SL Travel Guide some weeks ago with blog and website links from second life tour guides and  I added the new flickr group to that list as well.
There are so many places worth a visit so many creative and talented designers who made landscaping and decorating there  hart and soul business in here. I made my short list telling you I had to think hard because I got to  know a lot of great places , I started to travel more since I put that on my second life bucket list some weeks ago.

Flickr   Location

First stop Virtual Decay The City. I come here since I am a blogger and that is 3 years now. The Virtual Decay Flickr group is one of the first groups I joined. The look and feel of this place is urban. Not an innocent classy sweet uptown city look but a grunge "look out in an alley when it is dark"look. The details of  are  very well made and the textures they used for walls and graffiti are amazing. If and when I am looking for a scenery with an edgy look I always end up here. Huge reason as well is the fact you got rez rights That is why I give this place   a picture perfect ✰ ✰✰✰✰

This place called Tableau  is one of my favorite shopping destinations because different brands have there shops here and that is how I end up on this sim to begin with. The look and feel of this place screams Summer. I've never bin to Mexico and I don't know if they had that country in mind making this place but I get the feeling I want to go to Mexico on a vacation  when I visit this place.
There are so many different angles to make nice pictures from and your know what ?!
Rez rights here a  picture perfect  ✰ ✰✰✰✰ for me

Flickr  Website  Location

Next destination was Izzie's place. Not only is Izzie a very talented designer and owner of the brand Izzie's but she is a very gifted landscape artist as well. In the past she changed the look and feel of the outdoor of her shop every season Visiting her place is always an inspiration for me, being a beginner myself in landscaping and decorating. And this time she outdone herself stepping outside the 4 season concept , making her place looking like an African savanna with wild life and great far sides.
No rez rights shop owners can't be to carfull with that so that is why I give this place for picture perfect ✰✰✰✰

Flickr  Website Location ( will be add on a later date )

Next stop I went  to Izzie's twin sisters place  It all Starts With a Smile  Owner Kaelyn Alecto  and the place is under construction  so no SLURL available. Kae is in the midst a very labour intensive proses right now with her B(Boy)FF Maxx to make the place look like an Autumn heavens haven of peace and fun. She gave me permission to take a picture of this lovely playground that is finished already. Because Kae and Maxx are photographers themselves they build this place so other people can use this place to take pictures that is also the reason they give rez rights so perfect for pose balls and pose stands. Rules are simple use your common sense and please don't hop on your pose balls to have pixel seks.
Picture perfect ✰ ✰✰✰✰

Last stop is a trip back home to my own little piece of heaven in second life.
                                            *** Beautiful  4  Seasons ***
 I just finished decorating made the place Autumn ready and I am pleased with the end result
 Every change is an up hill battle on the prims but mesh is my new ally to reduce the number of prims I use But still it seems  I never have enough so call me Inkie the prim junkie.
If you like to visit to take a look  you are more then welcome and if you want to take pictures be my guest but I can not open the rez rights 24/7 that is not allowed on my place under the currant tier rules. If you visit and see that I am online drop me an IM I will be very happy to open up the rez rights for a while so you have time to take your pictures. I promise I wont be in your picture taking business while your are working. Does  this place deserve a picture perfect ✰ ?  I would be a  poor judge on that  and leave it up to you to decide what you think  Leave a comment in this post for critique, recommendations  or other comments. If and when you make pictures here I would be a happy girl if you show the pictures to me.


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